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I'm Jane Lo

I’m a web and graphic designer based in San Francisco, CA. I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY and will forever talk about the superiority of New York pizza and bagels. I like to build for the web and make things pretty.

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Design a suite of online client workshops to bring to life the opportunity of audio for brands helping the platform, clients and agencies work brilliantly together.
Four workshop experiences powered by own-able tools and IP, including bespoke Mural boards, moderator guides, beta sessions, and training.
Sessions have been rolled out with a number of Spotify’s key clients and the feedback has been rated as ‘outstanding’ in all cases.

Rob Walker
What Otherly brought was creativity and lots of really diverse insights, but also a real ability to get people to work together and get things done. There is no bullshit. They delivered an experience unlike anything that I’ve done before and the solution we came up with is now being turned into a reality.

Head of Creative Solutions at Spotify
Dont take our word for it

Designing the experience

Following stakeholder interviews we designed a prototype of each of the sessions and tested it with internal teams. We also developed a cohesive brand narrative around the products to express the value they each create.

IP development

We developed original IP (strategy and ideation tools) that power key elements the workshops. These helped ensure consistency, and simplify the process of rolling them out.

Supporting the rollout

We worked with the Spotify Creative Solutions team in a hands-on way to lead sessions with key clients, and developed a bespoke training programme for key team members.
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